What This Is About

God, I’m trying… but how do you make that leap from trying to doing? I forgot how to let go… or maybe I never have before. Maybe I packaged everything up tightly and hid it away. But the beast inside that box grew hungry… it broke through the seams and it is back in my life. And so here is what this blog is all about:

You cannot let something go by simply pretending it is not there. You have to face it… stare it down while you slowly pull away. You cannot do this quickly, no, you have earned this victory. So, you savor every moment as you watch its power over you fade. But as you pull away, do not expect the talons to release… no, they are going to rake your flesh the entire way and try to tear you to shreds in the process. So, you will pull and wounds will open… but they will heal. And you will pull, more wounds will open… but they too will heal. Before you know it, that trail of pain will be a trail of healing and those claws will not touch you any longer. The scars that remain will be your trophy… but those scars will fade with time, and soon they will be nothing but a phantom of the strength you have acquired. Join me in becoming who we were always meant to be… born to be broken, only then to be set free.